Natalie Mihalek for State Representative
Conservative. Veteran. Leader. Former Prosecutor

A Note from Natalie

A Note From Natalie 

Thank you for visiting my website and taking an interest in my campaign. 

While I have only been officially campaigning for a few months, it seems that it has been about 22 years in the making for me. As a high school senior, I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award and my then-State Representative presented me with the award. Ever since that day, a part of me has always looked toward politics as another way to serve the community. And a desire to serve the community that I love is exactly what has lead me on this path to the State House.

I was born and raised in Allegheny County, and after serving in the Navy and traveling the world I realized how lucky I was to have come from a place that values hard work, education and each other. And because I want my kids to have that same upbringing that’s why we proudly call the 40th district our forever home. But I realize, there is always room for improvement and Pennsylvania is far from perfect. 

The way that I will go about enacting meaningful legislation is very similar to how I have run my campaign. Hardworking. Organized. Honest. That is why ALL of my prior opponents in this campaign have endorsed me—from both sides of the aisle. Progress takes cooperation. And at the end of the day, we are all neighbors wanting the best for our communities and for our children.

For me, this is about community over party and serving that community to the best of my ability. You will see me often in the community, I will always welcome a phone call or email or meeting to discuss your ideas, and whether or not we agree or disagree you will be heard. 

I’m honored to be on the ballot this November and humbly ask for your vote.