Natalie Mihalek for State Representative
Conservative. Veteran. Leader. Former Prosecutor





We need a budget that is truly balanced – without gimmicks. That means the responsible course of action is to limit our spending. We keep passing debt down the line and onto the shoulders of our children.  Our Commonwealth is consistently asking more of our citizens while giving them less return on the money they give.  I plan that through my tenure as State Representative to work with my colleagues to truly be a fiscal steward for all hardworking Pennsylvanians.


Seniors in the community are being affected by property tax, in which they receive no direct benefit. I believe that the system needs to be reformed to provide tax breaks for seniors and those who do not have any children in our schools. 

Taxes on homes are too high and that makes it harder for working families to enjoy the dream of home ownership.  With rising student debt and low wages, working families have a tough time saving for that down payment and often times it is too big a barrier to overcome.  I do believe there are some common sense initiatives to help remove some of these obstacles and I plan to work hard to pass those initiatives in the House. 


With nearly a million veterans living in Pennsylvania we should all be proud of the sacrifices these men and women have made for our country and to properly honor them, I think there are a few ways the legislature could show their appreciation. 

I believe it is important that we remove barriers to providing a Real Estate Tax Exemption for our veterans with service connected disabilities.  There is currently a very limited exemption on the books, but those limitations make it nearly impossible for anyone to qualify. 

We could also express our gratitude by opening up the Veterans' Preference for State Jobs to ALL honorably discharged or Disabled Veterans. 


As the mother of three children which includes two in our public school system, I know how important education is to our communities.  We know that people come to live in our neighborhoods because they know that their children will get a fantastic education.  We want to make sure that we are adequately funding education across the Commonwealth, while also maintaining our commitment to be responsible fiduciaries of the taxpayers.  I look forward to working with my colleagues to make sure that we are doing all we can to make sure that Pennsylvania has the best schools in the country.  


As a former Assistant District Attorney, this is where I began to see the complete devastation the opioid crisis has placed not only on our criminal justice system, but on every aspect of our society from the premature infant born addicted to heroin to the $500 billion pricetag nationwide.  These drugs have infiltrated every community across America and they are right here in our own back yard.  We need to be deliberate and expeditious in a combined effort to end this epidemic.